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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Xylys Consumer Perception on India's Only Premium Watch 1. The Story 2. The Challenge 3. The Research 4. The Future Titan has diversified intothe premium watch sector.They are trying to target young, successful executivesby offering them their newline of premium watches known as Xylys. The premium watch industryis expected to grow by 20% per annum. The main targetin this industry is the nextgen executive that was setto move into their primeprofessionally. These peopleare highly brand conscious.Xylas is the only Indian watchin this market filled with well recognized global brands. Potential Users Present Users Top 3 Self Concepts Top 3 Brand and User Personality Top 3 Self Concepts Top 3 Brand and User Personality High Achiever Overall Appearance High Achiever Professional Success Narcissistic Reliable Successful Exciting Upper Class Successful Reliable Professional Success Exciting Successful Imaginative Reliable Honest Spirited Correlations Premium Watch Brands are associated with the following: Successful Professional Leaders Hardworking Flamboyant Extravagant What is the brand imagethat Xylas should focus onthat will win the next generation executives? Can they succeed whenfacing various global brandswith pre-establishedperceptions? The Initial Marketing Campaign of "The Power of X"is probably the most successful when targeting thenext generation executive customers. By introducingnovel ways to present their brand as confident andcreative (irrational campaign), Xylys and consequently Titan, will be able to capture this market.
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