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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 History of living in institutions Admitted to The Woodhouse Interventions at The Woodhouse Childhood Prison following being charged with sexual assualt of younger siblingMental Health Hospital services thereafter Admitted in 2010 to Lockwoodlocked rehab unitPreviously in a low secure hospital Sex Offender Bought up in a dysfunctional family Case Study from The Woodhouse Cheadle, Staffordshire Paul has a diagnosis of mild learning disability and dissocial personality disorder Created by Lighthouse Healthcare Suffered physical and sexual abuseTaken into residential care aged 7 History of sexual offending against family member, children and adolescents.Detained under Section 37/ 41 of Mental Health Act Booster adapted sex offender treatment programmeRisk & Sexual recidivism assessmentsStructured outcomes focused activity programme Development of good daily living skillsSome understanding of his sexual offences & risksSettled presentation Outcomes Step Down Step down to Farm Cottage July 2014Environment akin to residential living but within locked settingDeveloping independent living skills Two 2 year Programme Cognitive Skills Intervention Adapted Sex Offender Treatment ProgrammeStructured Activities The Future Due to lack of insight & empathy will remain a risk towards childrenPrevious institutionalisation will require robust community placement with high levels of supervision
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