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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Springfield Public Schools Carver Middle School Poverty rate/subgroup population is on the rise, and there is nothing in place to provide support to students academically SUBGROUP POPULATION 2012-2014FRL: 52-58%Black Students:12-15%Hispanic Students:3-6%LEP: 0-4%SPED:9-10% Annual Performance Report Data2012 92.4 Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std 2 ELA, Science, Attendance.2013 82.1% Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std.1 Science2014 70.7% Points Earned:Problem Areas: Std.1 ELA, Math, IMPROVED Science,ATTENDANCE STAFF CHARACTERISTICS Student/Teacher Ratios 2012-2014: 18:1, 17:1, 19:1 Teachers with Advanced Degrees 2012-2014 61%, 61.5%, 64.8% Years Experience 2012-2014 13.2, 13.8, 14,9 YEARS Internet Usage 90% of Millennials 75% of Millennials use social media Why are scores suffering? Today's teachers ATTENDANCE How do we IMPROVE? What can we CONTROL? Carver Middle School's Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement Carver Middle School's Challenges and Opportunities for Improvement Carver MS increased their MAP Science score by 6% in 2014. Progress points were not awarded, however, due 2013 scores bringing down the 2-year average. What was done differently to achieve a 6% increase in Science in 2014? ACCOMPLISHMENTS Here is WhatWe Know... TOTAL CWTs Down by 50%. In addition, Student contribution was relatively low which could suggest that students are disengaged. This disengagement could be reflected on the state test. Low to MediumStudent Contribution High degree of Learning Objective Clarity. Medium to High Challenge Medium to High Collaboration Carver's Attendance is down nearly 2% since 2012. 88% WHY? CONSIDER THIS..... 76 middle schools in MO demographically similar to Carver MS had 71% of students achieve Proficient/Advanced status on the state test. According to building principals, this success is attributed to: QUICK FACTS: *More snow days in 2014*Changes made to the Test*Higher learning standards
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