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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jacques Cartier Jacques Cartier Born in St. Malo France in 1491 Died September, 1557 When Cartier found his so called "riches" he gave them to the king. they turned out just to befools gold and pyrite. Cartier's first voyage was April 20, 1534. His task was to find the Northwest Passage. His second voyage was on May 19,1535. His task for this voyage was to look for riches in a legendary kingdom.His third voyage was on May 23, 1541. His final task was to start a French colony. Cartier never found the Northwest Passage or the Legendary city. He didn't start a French colony. On one of Cartier's many voyageshe and his men saw the Mi'kmaq tribe.they were frightened because they wereoutnumbered by the Mi'kmaq. Cartier helped find Canada and namedit "Kanata". Cartier was important to the world because he was very brave going places no one had ever been. Imagine going through treacherousvalleys, mountains, rivers and not knowing what you're going to find. Although Cartier failed most of his tasks he was still a big part in helping our world become what it is today. For example if he hadn't been brave enough to go exploring in parts of the world that no one dared to go, no one would know about those parts of the world today, no one else would have been inspired by Cartier's bravery and would of never finished what he set out to do. That is why our European explorers are so important.
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