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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 drag and drop icons,shapes, text or upload your own from our extensive library of artwork start from scratch[clears the canvas] Private Detective/ Investigator Salary $45,740 per year $21.99 per hour Job Description find facts and analyze information about legal, financial,and personal matters. They offer many services, including verifying people's backgrounds, finding missing persons,and investigating computer crimes. Education & WorkEnvironment 1.High school diploma or equivalent2 Private detectives and investigators work in many places, depending on the case. Some spend more time in offices doing computer searches, while others spend more time in the field conducting interviews and performing surveillance. They often work irregular hours. Questions To Answer 1. What are my reasons for choosing both careers? Onereason is that I like the wholecourtroom concept. By watching Law & Order SVU growing up,that's when i decided i want to do what they do when i grow up 2. What am I doing NowTo achieve to this Career?I'm looking at colleges that I want to attend to study forthis career. Next year Iwill be taking law/criminal justice classes. 3.What skills will I need for thesecareers & why?critical thinking, communicationlistening, writing,reading. You need theseskills because you have to listen to people to communicate to give them the right information.In order to do a good job you haveto read carefully and write everything Judge Job Description Apply the law by overseeing legal process in courts. Theyalso conduct pretral hearings,resolve administrative disputes, facialite neggotions betweenopposing parties & issue legaldecisions. Salary $102,980 per yr $49.51 per hr Education & Work Environment 1.Doctorial or Professional Degree 2. All judges & hearing officersare employed by local, state &federal government. Most workin courts, majority work full time.
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