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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Carmel, Indiana CARMEL CLAY SCHOOLS CHERRY TREE ELEMENTARY COMMUNIT Y *resources -;;;; Approx.38,560 males Approx.42,924 females 81,534 peopletotal (as of 2011) White(83.1) Hispanic/Latino (4.2%) African American/ Black (3.0%) Asian (9.9%) American Indian (0.1%) 15,681total students 3 MiddleSchools ElementarySchools 11 HighSchool Advanced Placement Special Education (with IEP) Title I Gifted and Talented IEP (limitedEnglish proficiency) 1,092 1,829 456 452 1,754 $ Total State Funding (2011): $79,917,291 Average Teacher Salary: $43,352 Cherry Tree Elementary - Features Extracurricular clubs and activities,in addition to intramural sports, NationalHonor Society, and Student Governmentare offered at Carmel High School. Founders Park The Palladium Theatre Located just north of Indianapolis in Hamilton County, Carmel is a fast-growing city with a vibrant population and a variety of resources and attractions. Carmel is well-known for its dedication to the arts and wellness. 1 Inclusive classroomsEarly Childhood andFunctional Academic programsSpecial Ed resources -occupational therapy -physical therapy 132 The mean family income is 39.2 The median age ofCarmel residents is $176,084 $303,400 The median value ofa home in Carmel is "Experience excellence...explore opportunities...realize potential" "The mission of Cherry Tree Elementary is to nurture and challenge children as they become inspired life-long learners and productive citizens." of students receivereduced price lunch. (84.9%) (0.0%) (2.0%) (6.2%) (0.6%) (2.1%) (4.2%) 714 total studentsin grades K-5 Per Pupil Funding: $5,303 20:1 5.5% of students receivefree lunch. 1.1% Number of Students U.S. Test Scores ACT Composite: 21.1 SAT Composite: 1498 Carmel Test Scores SAT Composite: 1691 ACT Composite: 25.7 Philosophy Carmel Arts and Design District Social Reconstruction Existentialism Open-access mediacenterComputer labsLarge-group instructionareasBroadcast center "The mission of Cherry Treeis to nurture and challengechildren as they becomeinspired...productive citizens." "The mission of Cherry Treeis to nurture and challengechildren as they becomeinspired life-long learners." student-teacher ratio Student-Centered
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