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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Present Past and Your choice, Your vote, Our future 17.2 17.3 17.5 18.4 -tensions rise between US and Soviet Union-UN is FormedSoviets set up Iron Curtain-US creates a containment policy-Truman doctrine helps support countries that reject communism-Marshall plan provided support for Western Europe -Cold war starts-NATO is formedWarsaw Pact formed because of NATO-Brinkmanship was edge of war-Sputnik first unmanned satellite -Mao Zedong leader of communist-Jiang Jieshi leader of nationalist-Communist won-renamed China to Republic of China -US helps Jiang set up a nationalist government-communist tighten hold on china-communes created-famine resulted-policies weakened leading to Cultural revolution-red guards were what they were called Korea divided at 38 parallel -US helped South Korea against North-UN sent Douglas MacArthur to command-Douglas fired because he wanted to Use Nukes-Ho Chi Minh led revolts in Vietnam-Domino Theory created-Ngo Dinh Diem led south Vietnam against North-Vietcong used Geurilla tactics-US supports South-South Loses-Vietnamization created to let south increase combat role-Khmer Rouge takes over Cambodia -Vietnam overthrew him 17.4 -Third world=developing countries-Nations not in Cold War called nonaligned nations-Fidel Castro rules Cuba-Bayof pigs failure-Soviets create missle sites on Cuba-US creates blockade-Anastasio rules Nicaragua-US supported Daniel Ortega-Superpowers compete over oil in Middle East -US supported Shah-tried to convince Ayatollah to accept western govt-Soviets try to takeover and lose -Nikita becomes leader after Stalin -Leonid replaced Nikita-Brinkmanship forgotten-John F Kennedy killed-Lyndon replaces kEnnedy-turn towards Detenteunder president Nixon-signed SALT Treaty-detente fails-Ronald Reagan takes office There are many ways to spot a good leader, but the best way is to look at his traits.We have to look at the biblical leaders in order to see what we need in a guide. 17.1 -Israel becomes state-Arab and Israel in conflict-Egypt seizes Suez Canal-6 day war took place-Anwar sedat is egypts president-golda meir is Israelis prime minister-PLO is formed-Yasir Arafat is chairman of PlO-Camp Davis accords ended conflict-intifada=uprisings-Oslo peace accords signed to keep peace between middle eastern countries double click to change this title text! Leaders Honor Pledge:Our group did notcopy from someoneelse.
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