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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 First, Carlos Hathcock went to a sniper school at the age of 17 because he always wanted to be a sniper. At his first sniping competition he scored a 241 out of a possible 250 points. Retirement Compition years end Camp Pendleton As his first delpoyment he was deployed at Chu Lai then he was transfered to Freedom Hill to fight the Viet Cong. Later he was transfered to Phu Cat which was where he fought last. He ends his compition years by becoming distinguished and he recived the gold marksmen badge. Birth of Plato Carlos Hathcock's CareerBy: Charles Henderson Modern Day Sniper Hawaii's rifle team He got excepted onto Hawii's rifle team beacause of his continuing improvement. Later as part of his career he won the Pacific Rifle Champion and he also got a silver medal in the same compitition in 1964. First Deployment Interesting Facts- One of America's best sniper- 93 confirmed kills- Over 300 probable kills This book Silent Warrior by Charles Henderson expresses how a marine sniper named Carlos Hothcock and his partner Burke were the most wanted people in Vietnam. The reason why they were the most wanted was because they would frequently go out on patrols to monitor the Viet Cong. If they see anyone that is carrying a weapon and is threatening lives they are allowed to distinguish. Also whenever the Vietnamese would have a wanted terrorist stay their Carlos and Burke would go on a mission and remove them. This is the main reason why they were the most wanted in Vietnam. Then when Carlos was done serving he began training Seals and other snipers. Carlos later passed away on February 23rd 1999 and he was known as the living legend that was a very accomplished solider.
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