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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unique Talents Carey Blackburn Age: 14Pale soft faceSlim body figureLing dirty blonde hair Relationship with Ryan Obstacles in High School Relationship with Jenessa Her past haunts her throughout the story.Not only is she new but she is alone. Her new stepsister does not want to be seen with her. High school is tough enough but when you are one of the youngest in the class it is hard to fit in. Luckily Ryan comes to the rescue along with Pixie another young prodigy. With at least two friends who have her back she feals safe in the new environment. Carey is like a mother to Jenessa since theirmother is rarely with them. Nessa doesn't talk much ever since "that night" in the woods.They protect each other because they are allthey have. Plays violin: her mother taught her when she was youngerExtremely smart: while in the woods Carey utilized the books they would receive from their mother. As Carey learned from them she would teach Jenessa Mature: While in the woods she needed tobecome a housekeeper, cook, hunter, and caretaker. Without these skills they probably wouldn't be able to survive Carey is head over heals when she meets Ryan becausehe is the only person who is accepting of her, and helpsher out on her first day. She is hesitant when she finds out that Delaney liked him before. Everything turns out better when she finds out he has the same feelingsfor her. When memories are rekindled she finally comes to realize that they knew each other when they werechildren. She is fortunate because she doesn't have to explain her troublesome past.
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