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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Art directors are responsible for visual aspects of printed onscreen projects. They use their creative mind to help them produce images. . Art director At the School of the arts institute of Chicago the expected salary is $24,000 There are a couple places in Regina that you can learn and become an artdirector but if you want a more advancedlearning then you will have to re-locate If you want to become an art director you have to be prepared for what you will do. Being an art director can be competitive and its a lot of work. When you become and art director you normally start at the beginning level as either a designer or artist in publishing, advertising, motion picture production or design firms The skills and abilities that you need to have is; a good eye for decoration and detail, ability to conceptualize ideas, able to think visually and to work with others The top art director school that is offered is in Chicago. Its called the (SAIC) School of the arts institute of Chicago Did you know that if you want to be an art director you have to have taken a certain math in high school double click to change this header text! If you don't like being an art director at where you are at that place, there is a lot of places that you can become one so if you want to re-locate you can. There all over the world. If you become an art director you cant just do things from your perspective you have to consider everyone else's ideas to. You need to have a passion and talent of creating innovative winning work. You have to have the ability to lead a team. As a high school student you should take art, drawing, art history, graphic design, illustration, advertising, desktop publishing, and math to become an art director. This job can be competitive because being an art director is a huge part in creativity thinking and being able to do a lot of work. The chances of getting a job as an artistic director are poor due to high competition for a very small number of positions.
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