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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Nuclear Physicist What Is A Nuclear Physicist? A nuclear physicist is a type of physicist who works and studies the constituents and interactions of atomic nuclei. Many nuclearphysicists work with the nucleus of atoms to try to create nuclear power. Nuclear physicists conduct a great amount ofexperiments which can be exciting but require a lot of work. Theexperiments are mainly done in contained and safe laboratories. Overall, being a nuclear physicist is intense, exciting, demanding,and fulfilling. Education To be a nuclear physicist, a person needs to have at least a Master's degree in Physics. However, if you want to teach nuclear physics at a university, you need to have even more schooling. For teaching, a person needs a Ph.D. $alary For Nuclear Physicists On average, a nuclear physicist makes about $90,000 per year starting off. Aftersome time you can make $140,000. The Average Work Week A nuclear physicist works about 35-45 hours per week. Where Is The Best Place To Get A Job? Many nuclear physicists have jobs withgovernment agencies which can be locatedin different states. Nuclear physicists can also obtain jobs at a university. The best universities are MIT in Boston and CAL Techin California. Sacrafices Rewards 1. Nuclear physicists earn a high income 2. Nuclear physics is a promising career 3. You can make scientific discoveries 4. Less working hours means more relaxing time 1. You have to go through many years of school 2. The work that is done is difficult and heavy 3. Acquiring a job could be tough to find and keep What I Could Do As A Nuclear Physicist If I could be a nuclear physicist, I would be ableto many things and I would bring many skills to this job. Because physics is one of my favoriteareas, I would be very eager to work. I would bring determination, punctuality, competence,focus, and detail orientation. Doing all of thesethings will help me be more successful in my job.
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