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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Career Exploring: Criminal Prosecution Lawyer My path to discovering I loved Law. First I took a personality test and discovered I was an ENTJ I then found the cluster that went along with my personality.That cluster was, Law, Public Safety,Corrections and Security Then I went to a career site andlooked up some moreinformation and narrowed my choicesof what I wanted to be. After searching fora little, I found the position of CriminalProsecuting Lawyer.I knew this was the job I wanted. I then looked uptop 5 law schoolsin the U,S. to start thinkingabout my future. #1 Yale University#2 Harvard University#3 Stanford University#4 Columbia University#4 University of Chicago#5 New York University Next I lookedat salaries forLawyers Yearly Salary:$124,750Hourly Salary:$59.98 For now I willcontinue to keepmy grades upin preparation for Law School More About My Personality; ENTJ ENTJ Strengths Energetic: ENTJs enjoy leading their teams and working hard, they do not find hard work taxing in any waySelf Confident: They trust their abilities and try not to doubt themselves or their opinions.Strategic Thinkers: They think through the best way to get things done and they enjoy working through difficult challenges that require them to think hard. ENTJ Weaknesses Impatient: Sometimes we are too quick to make important choices. We can confuse contemplation for stupidity or disinterest.Poor handling of Emotions: We are all business. We think social and emotional problems shouldbe left out of the workplace and do not approve of people who bring their emotional problems to work.Stubborn and Dominate: We like to dig our heels in and push for our ideals and ours alone. Thiscan make us seem reluctant to compromise. How are ENTJs in the Workplace? When it comes to the workplace, we are valued in some situation for simply getting things done and being unrivaled leaders. However, some situations are just not suited for us. Subordinates: This is a challenge for us unless we are engaged and getting things doneColleagues: We are social and enjoy conversing with our equals but you must prove to us that you are our equal.Managers: Good communicator with high standards.
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