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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 co-written by Ben De La Cruz TheWashington Post "Being a Black Man" WashingtonAfro-American Staff Writer majorstories & special events 1986-1981 Senior Staff Writer Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Klan Tony Messina received Peabody award religion & philanthropy Interviews By Hamil R. Harris the Career Diary of A Newspaper Reporter Hamil R. Harris is a newspaperreporter and journalist for theWashington Post. He had a humblestart writing for the Pensacola Voiceand volunteering at the West FloridaHospital by his senior year in high school. Harris enrolled at Florida StateUniversity in Tallahassee in the Fall of 1978. Finding himself falling asleep inBiology and Chemistry classes, he started writing for the the student newspaper the Florida Flambeau. In college Hamil R. Harris wrote about aforty-five year old man named TonyMessina, who walked on the football team, a Klu Klux Klan Grand Dragon, and former Governor Bob Graham whilst dining in theschool's cafeteria. Co-writer of "The Key to Black Success" series, Harris also interviewed a multitude of citizens on the streets of Florida, asking how they felt about the average African-American man. Hamil R. Harris has received thePeabody award for his along with Ben De La Cruz'work on "Being a Black Man" and an Emmy. His work for the Washington Post has set the precedentfor future writers everywhere. 'Why is it that other groups come to this country with far less resources and advance and African Americans still seemed to be plagued with problems? Somebody needs to stand up and say "I am the example. I am a leader, follow me."'
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