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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Career Comparison Computer Engineer Software Engineer Video Game Developer Intelligence Officer Computer Engineer-design and develop Computer Hardware-Provide design support during manufacturing of hardware-Establish relationships between suppliers and clients Daily Tasks Software Engineer-design and develop new software-test and develop software-Analyze user data reports Video Game Developer-Program game software-Test game software-Collect and apply user reports Skills and Abilities Job Interest Every job requires a different skill set. However many skills overlap in these jobs. The skills that I have and are common to the job are: Respectful Behavior, Time Management, and cooperation. However there are also some skills that I must improve on. For example, I prefer to lead rather than follow, but you cannot always lead. I can also get lazy and start to procrastinate. At times I can get impatient, and start to get angry. These are the skills that I possess and need to learn to start in orderto enter the workplace. All of the jobs that I have chosen to compare interest me in one way or another. However if I were to rank them video game developer would come first, followed by computer engineering, and finally software engineering. I've always loved gaming and I love making games. The way a computer works is something that has intrigued me. I love putting computer (among other things) together, and I think of ways to make them more efficient. Software Engineering is ranked last only because programming isn't my greatest interest (although it is still an interest). Workplace The workplace of a computer engineer varies from job to job. However they typically consist of either an office or a manufacturing plant. Software engineers work in offices, or in certain occasions, at home. They also travel abroad working on projects with different branches of the company. Game developers usually work in an office or a studio, usually in front of a computer or a gaming console. double click to change this title text! Schedule A computer engineer's schedule consists of their regular 5 days of work and 40 hours per week. However Game Developers and Software Engineers are working with software which means, it iseasily transportable. During project times they usually work overtime and on weekends.
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