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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Information Technology Information Support and Services Network Systems Web and DigitalCommunications Programming andSoftware Development - Bioinformatics Scientist(Professional/Graduate)- Computer and InformationResearch Scientist(Professional/Graduate) - Application Software Developer(Bachelor Degree)- Computer and InformationSystems Manage(Bachelor Degree)- Computer Network Architect(Bachelor Degree)- Database Administrator(Bachelor Degree)- Information Security Analyst(Bachelor Degree - Computer Support Specialist(1-2 Year Secondary Training)- Computer System Engineer(1-2 Year Secondary Training)- Document ManagementSpecialists(1-2 Year Secondary Training)- IT Project Manager(1-2 Year Secondary Training)- Web Developer(1-2 Year Secondary Training) - Application SoftwareDeveloper(Bachelor Degree)- Computer HardwareEngineer(Bachelor Degree)- Computer NetworkArchitect(Bachelor Degree)- Computer Programmer(Bachelor Degree)- System SoftwareDeveloper(Bachelor Degree) Amanda Xiong and Parks - Web Administrator(Bachelor Degree) Professional/Graduate Degree = blue Bachelors Degree = green - Computer NetworkArchitect(Bachelor Degree)-Computer Systems Analyst(Bachelor Degree)- Information Security Analyst(Bachelor Degree)- Network SystemsAdministration(Bachelor Degree) - Computer System Engineer(1-2 Year Secondary Training)- Data Warehouse Specialists(1-2 Year Secondary Training) -Assurance Engineer(1-2 Year Secondary Training - Web Developer(1-2 Year Secondary Training) 1-2 year training = red 4 Pathways, 61 careers - Internet Consultant- Internet Researcher- Multimedia Designer- Online Community host- Online Producer- Video Game Tester 1-2 Year Secondary Trainingis mostly required for these careers - Artificial Intelligence Specialist- Computer Engineer- Computer Systems Analyst- Cyber Detective- Data Recovery Specialist- Knowledge Engineer- Management Information Systems Specialist- Software Product Manager- Software Quality Assurance Engineer- Software Trainer- Usability EngineerVideo Game Tester - Computer System Engineer- Local Area Network Administration Technician - Management Information Systems-Specialist Network/Computer-Systems Administrator - Automation Consultant- Chief Privacy Officer- Computer Operator- Computer Support Specialist- Computer/ATM/OfficeMachine Repairer- Document ManagementSpecialist- E-mail Administrator- Online Help Desk Technician- School Technology Coordinator- Software Quality Assurance Engineer- Telecommunications Equipment Installer/Repairer- Web Administrator- Website Designer
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