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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Job Certification College Advancements Certification Advantages College Tuition: $14,812(4) Train and Work At Biolife Final Step Degree Continuing Phlebotomy Career definition:I will be a Phlebotomist in a hospital lab. I can also be an on-call translator in the hospital. Working Woman So why would I do this? University of LaCrosse Medical Interpreter & Phlebotomy A walkthrough of my career plans By: Sage Willems Pay: $11-13/hourWhy? Working while in college can help to pay for expenses andkeep me out of debt. It will alsogive me valuable experiencein advancing my career as a phlebotomist.(2) Bachelor's degree with a major inSpanish. Time spent in LAX: 4 yearsTotal cost of schooling: about $63,000 (including expenses of studyingabroad) (4) Becoming a certified translator:Passing the American TranslatorsAssociation certification exam.Cost to take test: $300 (1) To gain more knowledge andand skills valued by hospitallabs, I have decided to take the Phlebotomy programat Western Technical College.Time spent: 8 monthsLocation: Also in LaCrosseCost: $500 (5) Certified Phlebotomist Complete 8 month course at Western Technical College and become a certified hospital Phlebotomist. Final Destination Phlebotomy:Starting salary: $29,00Median salary: $31,000Lifetime earnings: $1,260,000 Medical Interpreter:Starting salary: $43,000Median Salary: 45,430Lifetime earnings: $1,817,200 $$ (3) 1. Working at Biolife in collegecan help keep me out of debt andI can gain a lot of experience.2. Spanish speaking population is growing and the demand for bilingual employees is growing fast.3. Both careers growth rate is much faster than average4. Being bilingual is valued greatly by employers5. My schooling would cost less than average so I would be able to pay it off6. I would have a choice in careers to pursue7. My tech school and college are in the same town. I would be familiar with the area.
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