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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 EDUC 634 Aisara Yessenova The Cantonese language, or Yueyu, originated in the city of Canton, the British variant of Guangzhou (Chen, 2008) * * Use of non-standard written Cantonese in social networks and media (Poon, 2010) * Cantonese is the lingua franca for 90, 8 % of population in Hong Kong (Poon, 2010). * "Trendy language" - use of new words (Poon, 2010) diglossia code-mixingbilingualism *Cantonese speakers read texts on Putonghua with Cantonese pronunciation (Bauer, 1984) Promotion ofCantonese inHong Konghas spread a languageto: Colonisation Economic boom * Spread of Cantonesepop-culture English The interaction with English & free development made the Hong Kong Cantonese a distinct variety Major innovations (Ding, 2010) *since 1842 - unification of the Cantonese dialects*since the 1970s - emergence of the Hong Kong identity and spread of the language * Rising intonation, consonants' change* Different set of phonemes Phonological * Slang*Loan words Lexical Cantonese,Mandarin The Cantonesespeech communityin Hong Kong "high variety"-formal "low variety"-informal Diglossia(Poon, 2010) Linguistic features Further researchThe investigation of the status of Cantonese within trilingual policy in Hong Kong is needed (Poon, 2010) *Guangdong &Guanxi provinces*Macao * the Chinese diasporas: *Malaysia & Singapore*the USA & Canada*Australia (Poon, 2010)
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