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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 1/3 of all cancers preventable CANCER Excessive drinking increases chances of developing cancer (3.5 times more likely) In 2007- 4% of men's cancer and 7% women's cancer due to obesity. Smoking is related to 90% of all lung cancer cases. 6,876,600 Men and 7,607,230 Women have cancer in the US today. Effects 1. Abnormal Bumps2. Unexplained fevers3. Night sweats4. Unintentional weight loss5. Death Conclusion: When a person has cancer, their bodies physically have issues, their social lives change because people may think the person is weird for not having hair (due to chemotherapy) and their mental health worstens because the person becomes self conscious about various cancer effects. Abstaining from drinking, smoking and over-eating can help a person prevent cancer. 1. Mutations in the DNA of a cell causes it to reproduce uncontrolably2. More and more defective "cancerous" cells are made. Eventually a tumor or clump cof cancerous cells forms.3. The exess of useless cells forces healthy organs to stop working. What is Cancer? Conclusion: Cancer affects all sides of the health triangle. Cancer causes people to have physical issues, social issues because the person's treatment or loss of hair may cause others to be judgemental, and emotional issues because the person may feel self conscious about having cancer. Abstaining from smoking, drinking and overeating can help people to avoid cancer. Cancer affects all sides of the health triangle. When a person has cancer, they have physical problems, social problems dealing with judgemental people and mental/emotional issues due to self consciousness associated with the cancer and treatment. One can avoid cancer by exercising, putting on sunscreen and abstaining from the following: smoking, drinking, having unsafe sex and overeating.
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