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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Environmental Stewardship Full Employment Reduced Public Debt Economic Growth The Integrity of Parliamentary Operations Plan is enforced to make the government more efficient. The Small Business Job Credit plan will create jobs, growth, and long-term prosperityby saving businesses more than $550 million. Canada's First Research Excellence Fund will receive $1.5 billion in funding for Canadian post-secondary institutions to excel globally in research areas that create long-term economic advantages. Increasing injections will help create asurplus budget to pay off some of Canada'sdebts. An investment of $391.5 million is used towards Highways and Highway Bridges in Canada's National Parks plan to make improvements on infrastructure in natural parks. $33 million is provided to the Strengthening Canada's Port System plan to continue operation and maintenance of federally owned ports. The Regulatory Cooperation Council Joint Action Plan will provide a net benefit for Canadians of nearly $400 million in increased productivity and decrease health and safety costs. Federal government is committing $325 million to Sustainable Development Canada to prepare Canadian companies for growth while helping the cleantech sector reach its potential is a keydriver for economic prosperity. Under the Gas Tax Fund plan, $21.8 billion will be provided through Gas Tax Fund, $14 billion will be provided for a new Building Canada Fund for supporting major economic projects, and $6 billion will be in Federal support to provinces, territories, and municipalities. The Targeted Initiative for Older Workers Program is receiving a federal investment of $75 million. $11 million is invested to the Temporary Foreign WorkerProgram to ensure Canadians are given the first chance atavailable jobs. Provided to the Ready, Willing, and Able plan to connect people with developmental disabilities with jobs. The Ecological Gifts Program is planned toprotect natural areas and leave a legacy. Over $400 million is provided for the National Conservation Plan to protect and preserveCanada's rich and natural heritage. Political Stability Government Spendings $14 million is provided for the Federal Skilled Worker Backlog Elimination (Expression of Interest System) plan. Only highly skilled ranked candidates who meet Canada's labour market shortages can submit an application for permanent residence. $400 million is provided to protect andpreserve Canada's rich natural heritage. $15 million is provided to extend the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program. Canada's Economic Growth Earth Rangers Foundation is provided $3 millionto expand its conservation and programming to protect animals and their habitats. The Priority Hiring Veterans plan is to enhance employmentopportunities in the federal public service for veterans. Government Spendings Long-term investments shows that a country has a stable government. Exports Rebecca Lu Actions of Parliamentarians should be based on integrity, trust and respect for tax payers' dollars. The Economic Goals Budget 2014 proposes to double the carry-forward period for donations of ecologically sensitive land. Providing more jobs to people in the labourforce with dissabilities. Provided to support the expansion of training programs for persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 11.4 $ Million 15 $ Million Providing employment to unemployed older workers to help them stay in the workforce and fill vacant jobs. Will increase the economic resourcesneeded for the markets with shortages. Only with incorrupt parliamentarians will Canada's economy continue to prosper. Important linkages to connecting and trading with international markets. ~ Reducing the negative effects on the natural economy, protecting it for future generations
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