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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Where DO you Stand? Canada at a glance Canada at a glance By keeping taxes low Providing Canadians with available jobs $60 million on building digital skills Employment Insurance, Welfare Canadian Pension Plan ETC spending increases, which causes inflation FULL EMPLOYMENT POLITICAL STABILITY close tax loopholes and make the Canadian tax system more fair Governments commitment to control and direct program spending with proposals PRICE STABILITY $7.8 million worth of loans added for vehicle loans Increase Spending 1.95% $550 million loans approvedsmall businesses Pursuing trade agreements with more than 25 countries ENVIRONMENT STEWARDSHIP ECONOMIC GROWTH reduce red tape, cut costs, improve access to existing programs promote Canadas foreign trade zone advantage. focus on canada's core strengths and targets to grow the presence of Canada in emerging markets. Align the salaries of Crown corporation & federal employees. Leakages Providing $40 million to the entrepreneurs create new companies Educated/skilled labor force Maintaining a low tax burden on businesses with no new taxes $32.2 billion build roads, public transit, and other infrastructure $155 million allocations to Gas Tax Fund. Exporting Leakages Expantionary Period AD increasing Investing (injections) $75 million to assist unemployed workers Expantionary Policy Automatic Stabilizers Prices of Goods and Services to change Target Inflation Injections Injections Injections Federal GovernmentReponsibilities $391.5 million Parks Canada to make improvements our national parks. Expenditures Crown Corporations GDP is high Businesses Expand Injections
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