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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Power And Consequences Of Change Atmosphere~gas from volcanoes~intense~4 layers~carbon dioxide~little oxygen~little methane~little ammonia~little water vapor~condensed Big Bang~cosmic burst~There are pieces of energy in the universe~The universe is widening and galaxies are separating~Chemical elements in the universe matchthe one in thebig bang~Time,matter, and space began! Solar System~gas and dust:solar system~cloud collapsed~pulled together~spun~disk of gas~got thinner~hot center~cool edge~made clumps~planets formedin center~rocky material~icy matter is in outer~stellar wind Earth~Earth formed~formed from vast gas~most dense of planets~collisions~giant disc~gas and dust:asteroids~objects collide By: Group 1 Moon ~giant impact~collision~formed by earth~smashed out of earth~captured~formed together~bombardment~planetary material~core and mantel The Late Heavy Bombardment~Impact craters~collisions with asteroidsand comets~Late Bombardment period~violent~peppered~gravitational surge~orbit interaction~water-rich~disrupted comets Crust~outermost shell Old Rock Formations~byproduct~microbial ~has a lot of layers. Credits and Source: 10-15 billionyears ago 5.0 billionyears ago 4.57 billionyears ago 4.54 billionyears ago 4.53 billionyears ago 4.1-3.8 billionyears ago 4.0 billionyears ago 3.5 billionyears ago
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