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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Three S's Something familiar but not understood Campus Violence Social Intervention Social Responsibility The Argument Although we never ignored the safety of a student, we definitely did not give it enough attention. I believe that the publicitygiven is to protect a name rather than to protect a life. People's Justification Social AwarenessAn interviewee justified their reason with,bullying isnt necessarily a good thing but it is part of the developmentprocess of social skills and creating relationships (Drysdale, 2007). Sayingso, their higher priority is to allow their children to experience a struggleand overcome it. Social InterventionSocial intervention wasnt always the first response to violence. People were more likely to provide verbal response than actually take action. This had to do with the trust issues of reporters.He found that students were less likely to report because they felt theschool system would not handle the situation adequately or effectively(Sulkowski, 2011). Social InterventionPeople say that there are rules against violence and there are consequences for violations, but it doesnt seem like their mindset would actually make a big difference. Im not saying to punish them harshly, butto provide meaningful consequences. By doing so, violators would reflect and understand why there are rules against it. Social ResponsibilityThe diffusion of responsibility is unreasonable. Everyone should be aware and responsible for his or her own actions, but the school should also take further action. In 2009, Hoo came to a conclusion that schools felt like they were only responsible for anything that was witnessed on their watch or the public knew about it. To summarize, an action is needed no matter what. Social ResponsibilityPeople can argue that not all schools are that shallow, but that is still a problem. TO SUM IT UP: An action is needed no matter what. People should help when help is needed and they are capable to provide. It should not be prioritized differently. Violence should not be prioritized differently.It should always be apriority to protect a life. Neglecting a small issue could pave way for a larger issue. I believe that we should change our approach towards violence. By doing so, an actual change would occur.For an example, the "No Blame Approach". Done by:Kimberly Nguyen Social AwarenessThe level of public awareness wasat a minimum. People were aware because it wasnt their child that was in danger. They werent aware because it was a public issue that needs to be addressed. According to Drysdale, the reason for awareness was because of the involved shooting, not because of the bullying problem itself (Drysdale, 2007). Works Cited:1. Drysdale, Diana A., William Modezelski, and Andre B. Simons.Campus Attacks: Targeted Violence Affecting Institutions of HigherEducation. Washington, D.C.: Departments, 2010. Print.2. Hoo, Suzanne S. Examining the Invisibility of Girl-to-Girl Bullying inSchools: A Call to Action. International Electronic Journal forLeadership in Learning 13 (2009): 1-6. ERIC. Web. Sept. 2014.<>.3. Lester, Jaime. Chapters 8 & 9. Workplace Bullying in HigherEducation. New York, NY: Routledge, 2013. 121+. Print.4. Sullkowski, Michael L. An Investigation of Students Willingness toReport Threats of Violence in Campus Communities. Psychology ofViolence 1.1 (2011): 1-65. No Records. Web. Sept. 2014.<>. Social Awareness My Argument
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