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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] 2 easy ways to 3 1 TIP: Calibrate your Thermometer when it is brand new, been dropped or every 6 months. Located on the Eastern Silk Road, China Our amazing deals: With a wrench, hold the nut on the back and turn the dial to read 212F Hot Method Cold Method Gold, carpets, jewlry, decorative boxes, perfumes, dyes, jade, bronze and even high quality silk from China, and glassware from Rome. NOTE: WE DO NOT TRADE SLAVES! (The very first post)This post is safer than other posts because there is a small chance of danger. 2 To Be Safe.... 1 We trade a variety of items including: Watch where you are going!There are still wild animals such as lions and tigers even at the start of the road. There is a small chance that danger will occur.. Also, watch out for bandits who especially want gold and valuable items. 3 Why come to this trading post? visit for more great ideas Come to this remarkable trading post because of all of our spectacular products, safe and practical location, and our amazing trade employees!Please support the "WE TRADE, YOU SAVE!" Trading Post! make sure to keep the thermometer in the water while adjusting or note the difference and adjust accordingly "WE TRADE, "WE TRADE, COME TO THE NEW TRADING POST! YOU SAVE" YOU SAVE!" We have amazing offers each day from our "Trade and Save" deal. Come to the post to see which special is active. Also, depending on the items you have, you can give less and receive more! CARPETS SILK GOLD
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