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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Christmas In Spain A special cake called Roscon is eaten on Epiphany Most people their presents on Epiphany (jan5) The most popular meal for Christmas Eve and for Christmas day is seafood. Most people in Spain goto Midnightmass or la Misa del Gallo (the mass of the rooster). It is called this because a Rooster is supposed to have crowed that night Jesus was born. The Christmas season officially begins December8th Christmas Eve is known as Nochbuena or ''the good night'' Spain calls Santa Papa Noel Spain does many things like me and my family such as putting up lights and things of that nature. Spain enjoys Christmas just as much as we do in my house. Maybe the only difference is that most of the presentsin Spain get opened on January 5th or Epiphany they call it.Also instead of stockings the children on that night leave out their shoes and fill them with hay, hoping that Santa or Papa Noel as they call him fill their shoes with presents. Another thing that Spain and me have in common is that we both like to eat certain foods on Christmas day. A large portion of what Spain eats is seafood, but I eat a combo of everything from vegies, to poultry, ice cream, and so much more. I'm not saying I'm fat or greedy but I sure do love to eat on Christmas and every other day. Anyway I hope you got some information from this and see what your family does different.
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