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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The California Gold Rushwas an important part of History.Some people who were in the CaliforniaGold Rush are James Marshall,John Sutter,Sam Brannan, and the Forty Niners. California's Gold Rush, California's Government, and some Women that Changed California! James Marshall was in Coloma Buliding aSawmill for John Sutter in the year of 1848.Marshall was the first person to find gold in California then he told Sutter and Sutter didn't want everyone to know. But when Brannan heard about the gold he bought mining tools so people can mine for gold and he made money off of selling the tools. The Forty Niners were ton's of people whowould mine for gold in the year 1849 that's why they were called the Forty Niners. The FortyNiners were settlers that came to California at the timewere there was a Gold Rush. In the 1840's California was part of Mexico the settlers that lived in that areawanted to have a republic so they would pick who would be the leader for them. Then the Mexican had a war withCalifornia and California won the war and New Mexicoalso California became part of the United States. double click to change this header text! After the war Bennett Riley wanted tocreate a state constitution and in 1848 she met someone named Monterey the hewrote a constitution for California. Mary Tape was Chinese women andher daughter was not allowed toattend school withe other kids because she was Chinese but Tape hated that so she started a Asian and Chinese school for children. Bernarda Ruiz wanted to stop war so shemade the people from the war be friends. Helen Hunt Jackson didn't likehow the Indians were treated so she wrote a novel on how they were treated. Bridget Biddy Mason won freedom for herself from slaveryby going to the government and doing certain things and won freedom for herself and duaghters. So many facts on presentation.
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