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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Harrison Bergeron Eye of the Beholder People of her kind wouldbe segregated from thenormal people of thesociety. Oh, you meansegregated! You meanimprisoned, don't you,doctor? You're talkingabout a ghetto, aren't you?A ghetto designed forfreaks! When you are part of the normal majority of the people, you are treated equally. In order to be a part of the majority or the norm the ballerina had to alter her voice in order for her voice not to be sweeter or in competition to others, setting her equal in society as well as others. Since Hazel was what societyconsidered as normal she had nodisadvantages put on her with theuse of handicaps. Due to the factshe was this normal she wastreated equally in the eyes ofsociety. Hazel: "You been so tiredlately-kind of wore out,"said Hazel. "If there wasjust some way we couldmake a little hole in thebottom of the bag, and justtake out a few of them leadballs. Just a few."..."If youcould just take a few outwhen you came home fromwork," said Hazel. "I meanyou don't compete withanybody around here. Youjust sit around." Narrator: It was such a doozythat George was white andtrembling, and tears stoodon the rims of his red eyes.Two of of the eightballerinas had collapsed tothe studio floor, wereholding their temples. In order for George to be normal and treated equally, he has to wear a handicap to make to him equal. Hazel in comparison, doesnt have to wear ahandicap because she is normal and istreated equal. "Ladies and Gentlemen,"said the ballerina, readingthe bulletin. She must havebeen extraordinarilybeautiful, because themask she wore washideous. And it was easy tosee that she was thestrongest and mostgraceful of all the dancers,for her handicap bags wereas big as those worn bytwo-hundred pound men.And she had to apologize atonce for her voice, whichwas a very unfair voice fora woman to use. Her voicewas a warm, luminous,timeless melody. "Excuseme-" she said, and shebegan again, making hervoice absolutely uncompetitive. Miss. Tyler was alwaystreated unequal becauseshe was not consideredequal. The normal peopleare represented in the childand shows how societyreacts to somethingabnormal. Miss. Tyler: Ever since ican remember- ever since iwas a little girl- peoplehave turned away whenthey looked at me. Funnythe very first thing i canremember is another littlechild screaming when shelooked at me. There must be a singlestatus quo, making societyconform to one definition ofnormal. Because of thisthere will be equality due toeveryone conforming to thesame standards. The Leader: We know nowthat there must be a singlepurpose, a single norm, asingle approach, a singleentity of people, a singlevirtue, a single morality, asingle frame of reference, asingle philosophy ofgovernment. People that are notnormal are not treatedequally and kept awayfrom the normal people.
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