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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Important history bits in california. California Gold RushWomen that changed CaliforniaCalifornia Governmet Fun Fact!Men and some women but very few mined for gold in 1849. Fun Fact!The gold that they hadwas used as money.Back then you were rich if you had 10 pieces of gold. Fun Fact!The gold that they hadwas used as money.Back then you were rich if you had 10 pieces of gold. CA gold rush. CA gold rush. Women that changed California forever. Women that changed California forever. Some women changed California forever.Mary tape helped build a school that would let Asian kids goto school there.Biddy Mason wrote a petition to freeall slaves. Bernarda Ruiz wanted to see an end to the war that was going on so she arranged a peace meeting and it worked out.Helen Hunt Jacksonwas a writer that thought that the native Americans were being treated unfairly. She wrote a book called Ramona about the harsh lives of the native Americans. Fun fact! Biddy Mason was the first African Ameriacan Woman to own land. The gold rush started When James Marshallfound gold at the mill he was building forJohn Sutter.He told his men not to tell anyone.Sam Brannan didn't listien and ran through town and held a small vial of gold dust.He yelled that there was gold at sutters mill.This started the CA gold rush. How The Gold Rush Started. CA Government CA Government In The Early 1840's the government changed in CA. In the early 1840's CA was a part of Mexico.Some of the settlers wanted CA to be an independentrepublic.In 1846 a small group of Americans started a revolt or uprising agianst the Mexicans.This was called The Bear FlagRevolt.The US won the war.After the treaty of GuadalupeHidalgo.This caused every statefrom New Mexico to CA to be a part of the US. This is the flag that many Californians held after whenthey were part of the USA. I like the way you include facts. I like how you put your work in a fun way. <3-Macy I like your facts and money-Rylee
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