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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sam Brannan:Sam Brannan was an entrepreneur.When he heard about the Ca.Gold Rush he decided to buy a lot of mining tools and then run downthe San Francisco streetswith a bottle of gold dust.His plan was to get everyone to have gold fever and then they would have to go to him to get the proper tools for mining.he wanted to get rich without having tomine for gold.By,the 1850s Sam Brannan did strike it rich. Levi Strauss:Levi Strauss was also an entrepreneur.He found out that miners needed toughmining pants for mining.He had riveted denim pants and then began to sell them.Many miners bought these pants.Levis company still exists today.By the1850s Levi Strauss was one of the entrepreneurs who struck it rich. California Gold Rush! Women that changed California Helen Hunt Jackson:Helen Hunt Jackson was anindian advocate.She studied how the indians were being treated.She also was an author.When she found outhow the indians were being treated she decided to write a book about it.It was titled Ramona. California Gold Rush and Women That Changed California! Mary Tape:Mary Tape was a chinese immagrantwho lived in San Fransisco in the late 1800s.She was not happy because shetried to send her daughter to a public school but,they said they wouldnt accept her because she was Chinese.Tape and her husband argued to have the city change the rule and then because of her efforts a schoolwas created just for chinese and asian students. Biddy Mason:Biddy Mason I like how you got a lot of people in there!Macey Myers:) Awesome Facts!Dallas:)
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