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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Oracle CX and CRM Roadmap for Public Sector Oracle CX and CRM Roadmap for Public Sector 2014 2006 2008 Ovum Market Leader forGovt Case Mgmt Service ManagementKey Customer: UK DWPFR AgefiphVDABNL UWV Siebel RedesignOpen UIKey Customers:NY Justice CtrVermont HIXHawaii HIX Siebel 8.2.2 IncidentManagementKey Customers: US CMSAUS ATO Benefit Case ManagementKey Customers:BC ICMKS SRS Siebel8.2 Benefit PlansPolicy Mgmt DeterminationsProvider MgmtChange of CircumstancesService Plans 2011 AccessibilityKey Customers:ON FRONL SVB 2012 InnovationPack2012 2013 InnovationPack2013 CompleteCitizen ExperienceKey Customers:US TSAAUS DSS 2015 Siebel8.1.1 Affordable Care Act Acquire Eloqua& Responsys Acquire Vitrue & Involver InnovationPack2014 2010 AcquireSiebel Acquire Haley (OPA) Acquire RightNow & InQuira Modern, Mobile Self-ServiceSocial ListeningKnowledge Mgmt Cloud-basedPolicy MgmtDynamic WebInterviewsVirtual AssistantFedRAMP CX Cloud2014 CX Cloud Cloud-basedPolicy MgmtDynamic WebInterviewsVirtual Assistant Social Intelligence CenterSocial AnalyticsCommunity CollaborationBrowser UI Siebel PS Modern, Mobile Service Provider PortalPolicy-Based, Self-Service Application Intake Future CX/CRM for Public Sector Mobile Case Manager AppAdvanced Service Provider MgmtMobile Citizen Service AppCoordinated Planning & CareSpatial-based Transactions
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