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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ARTS AND CULTURAL MANAGER STUDIES Arts and Cultural Management (ITESO, Instituto Tecnológicoy de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, december 2014)Business incubation workshop (INCUBARTE A.C., 2011) WORK EXPERIENCE Punto Asterisco SKILLS -MS Office / MacOS-Google tools-Dropbox-Basecamp Proactive, teamwork,serious and fun (dependsof the context), researchand analysis, writing(published novel Tinta ySangre available in Kindle As an Arts and Cultural Manager I have the capacity to researchthe different cultural dynamics, practices and acquisitions of a community, population or territory. Im well prepared to design and evaluate a commercial or social project which answersthe identified cultural needs. I can take part in every or some of the tasks that involve managing, organizing, fundraising, producing, restructuring, promoting and distributing a cultural orcreative service or product. Rubén Espinosa López(011-52-1) -Native spanish-English (Institutional TOEFL)-French (pretty basic) Punto AsteriscoApr - Nov 2014 V+ Creative Industries CongressJan - Dec 2014 Agraz ArquitectosJun 2011 - Dec 2013 ITESOAug 2012 - 2013 Community ManagerI managed 5 different companies acccounts fromcoffee to jewerly. I madethe publications contentfor each kind of conceptand interacted with thecommunity. Executive DirectorWe made this congress with32 speakers, over 500 assistans.I was in charge of a 15 peopleteam and 30 volunteers. Community ManagerBeside of interacting withthe community, I made a strategy with different socialnetworks. We started with 500followers and ended up withover 11,000. Council member of the Arts and Cultural Management UndegraduateI was the voice of the undergraduate students. We made cultural traveling andactivities proposals that weredone. We evaluated the pertinenceof the career and the teachers.
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