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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Intermediate Word, Excel,PowerPoint and Outlook (2010) Beginner - Growth mindset- Creative & Conceptual thinker- Self-Awareness- Solution Provider- Strong advocate of building trust, finding common ground & empathizing with others- Strategic Thinker- Commonsensical Excellent Research & Analysis;Copy Editing; Annotation; Writing; Proofreading;Desktop Publishing;Content ManagementTyping Speed: 67 wpm Microsoft Windows Vista & 7 OS BA Business (Hons) Degree 2013 - University of Liverpool10 year's B2C service expertise within Central Government Dept.University of Liverpool Vice Chancellor Award Winner 2012Lead and managed a team of 9 students for the "YoungEnterprise Initiative' at University. VenmoreCommercial Civil Servant Marketing Negotiato r HM Revenue& Customs University ofLiverpool 1 year Access course, followed by a 3 year degree programme.Course comprised 24 areas of Business, with extensive research & analysis of micro & macro environmental factors influencing business operational resilience. 2001 - 2011 2013 - May 2014 Content Management:digital & hardcopy Analyzing Leases Taking photographsof all properties Negotiating lease terms Monitoring: progress of marketed properties Client Relationship Management Arranging &Preparing fee notes, application forms and leases Proofreading, Editing & Writing Conjointly, my experience and recent academic achievements have enabled me to develop an extensive skill set, ranging from research, analysis, critical evaluation, collaboration and commercial aptitude. Both qualitatively and quantitatively, I have researched and utilized information efficiently and effectively to extremely high standards, be that within a budgetary role at HMRC, or in producing publishableworks at University. Irrespective of the level of responsibility,I use my initiative to undertake the task or project at hand,identifying and implementing solutions where necessary.My aspirations are to continually test and prove my capabilities, and enjoy doing so in the process: completing a degree after a short career at HMRC is just one example. Moreover, I aim to underpin everything I do and say with sincerity and benevolence, as I wholeheartedly advocatetreating others as I would like to be treated. Collaboratively, I have developed notable customer service experience within both the public and private sector; I pride myself on knowing how to respect and fully satisfy the customer. Not only have I developed service expertisewith the customer, I can and do work extremely well with fellow colleagues.Positively developing and sustaining professional relationships is important to me, insofar that this promotes and facilitates job satisfaction, and in turn, increased productivity. My greatest strength lies within my ability to be extremely versatile, for I am able to quickly adapt to unexpected challenges thusincreasing my resilience to adversity. Transactional Data Research using Costar software Business Consultancy: Providing advice to prospective tenants inabsence of commercial awareness Answering &resolving telephone enquiries Quantitative calculations. eg. business rates& cost per sq ft. 10 years' service working within 3 separate businessdivisions, undertaking a myriad of roles including:Procurement Officer, Training Coordinator, IT Floorwalkerand IT Trainer. My contract commenced with HM Customs& Excise, subsequently changing to HM Revenue &Customs during the 2005 merger with the Inland Revenue.Experienced significant operational change, both culturally and technologically, adapting to new work processes andprocedures. Duties included (non exhaustive list): Qualitative &Quantitativ eevaluation Customer serviceadvisor for over 75,000 HMRC staff Analyzing and codifying data Navigating &utilizing databasesoftware SAPERP IT floorwalker for post-migration, Windows server project, in the reconfiguration of over 500 PC network settings. Design & formulatestep-by-steptraining guides Commercial Real Estate agency, accountable for marketing aportfolio of commercial estates, in the rental, disposaland acquisition thereof. Operated by myself and the Headof Commercial, my role was chiefly Marketing and CRM in capacity, coupled with occasional Business Consultancy.Duties included (non exhaustive list): Data Integrity IT Trainer: provision ofMS Office training for HMRC User Proficiency project Expenditur eAnalysisReporting 2009 - 2013 BA (Hons)Business I took advantage of the previous 7 month periodto undertaken a myriad of short-term contracts,volunteer, travel and invest greater time withinlife-long hobbies (acrylic painting, photographyand graphic design). May 2014 - Present
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