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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 STUDENT Đặng Th Qunh Hương Summer 2010 & 2011 Foreign Trade University A student from a competitive university.I am a energetic, active, funny and friendly girl. I am open-minded, ready to take advices and comments.I love socializing with others, I can talk about everything with anyone.I am responsible and able to work well among different groups.And I always smile.Sometime I'll have perfectionistic tendencies. 0937330170 District 1, HCMc ACADEMIC BACKGROUND 2012 - 2016 MS Word/ Excel/ Power Point EXPERIENCES Aug - Nov 2014 ( Organized by Business and English Club from FTU. )After this event, I get more familiar with TED talks and usually watch them in order to be inspired. I know how a big event works, how it is organized and which kind of risks and obstacles it may have. ( Organized by HoChiMinh Communist Youth Union )I learned how to team work well, how to communicate with different people and grow up a lot after getting involved more with the world outside. Leader of a team for 'Hoa Phượng Đỏ' volunteer campaign I know how to deal with customers and make friend with colleagues. As well as how to fit in a new environment and create a suitable working atmosphere An organizer of TEDxyouth@dienbienphust FYI: learned how to lead a team, manage time, make up plans, setting visions and goals. Keeping a suitable atmosphere for everyone in a team, help them to work well together without serious conflict. Risk management, cost estimation June 2014 LANGUAGES Marketing leader of E-Biz Arena, an English Eloquence Contest English External Economics.GPA 2.9/4 7.8/10 November 16, 1994 Work as a coffee-maker in a coffee shop 2013 Chinese Get a chance to work inside professional and modern environment.Meet and 'networking' with dynamic and happy people.Improve communicate skill, planning, organizing skill.Challenge my limit. And the most important, experience more. OBJECTIVE INTERESTS Swimming Reading Traveling Socializing with people Photoshooting CommunicationTeamworkTime management Problem solvingFlexibility ABOUT ME Photoshop TECHNICAL SKILLS SOFT SKILL July 2014 June 2013 Supervisor for Thanh Đa summer camp Logistic head - One day of being a farmer. (This program was a main point activity on Hoa Phượng Đỏ volunteer campaign)Improve communication skill, get used to managing a lot of people.And I become more caring to others. Supervisor for Sn sàng competition camp (for children) (for children) ( organized by The Children's House of Ho Chi Minh city )I figured out how to work with kids, and adults.Improve flexibility.
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