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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 2004 -2007 Medicine and Pharmacy HCM University 2013 -2014: Discussing with speaker SQL Excellent Good Job Volunteer activities Sao Nam High school Skill Phone: 0932090200Email: tuquyenydsgmail.comBD: 28101989Address: 6122 Phu Loc St,Tan Binh Dist, HCM Phone: 0932090200Email: tuquyenyds@gmail.comBD: 28/10/1989Address: 61/22 Phu Loc St,Tan Binh Dist, HCM - Nguyen Vinh Nien Scholarchip for excellent student.- 3 good student. MED REP:- ESS: Level C- Nhi Dong 2 Hospital: MS: 100%, growth 59 %-Thong Nhat Hospital: MS 51%, growth 58%- Total Performance sale: 106% 2012-2013: Communication - Presentation University Problem solving 2007- 2012 Organizing conference NGUYEN THI TU QUYEN NGUYEN THI TU QUYEN Group working Adaptation Tender listing Capacit y Territory Analysis Good strategy Master product knowledgeHandle objections Understanding customer needs Others - Summer campaign: Leader of group Dist. 1/ 2007 and group Ngoc Quang Church/ 2008.- Medication dispensing charity at Dong Nai and Binh Thuan province. - The first provincial prize of biology.- Vallet scholarship. (France) MED REP- ESS: level C- TAP: B+- Nhi Dong 2 Hospital: Main quota 5.000 vials.Gain more 16.000 vials in supplemented tender.-Thong nhat Hospital: *YTD: growth 54% * Follow up process of purchasing out of tender. (Head of therapy Dept -> Head of Phar. Dept-> Director of Hospital)-> Gain 1000 vials (40.000 $)- Gain good quota at Nhiet Doi, Thong Nhat, Nhi Dong 2 Hospital.- Training studies, pathology,tender process, competency for new Med reps.- Strong support MKT in building sample call for National Conference. Word, Excel, PP Notes:ESS (Essential saling skill): Medium to Excellent A ; A+ ; B ; B+ ; C ; C+TAP (Territory action plan):A ; A+ ; B ; B+ ; C
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