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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Margot Overbeek Haagsemarkt 25, 3555 HC, Breda Skills & Interests 2009 - 2011 Intern/Research Consultant @ PA Europe Consultant @ PA Europe 2012 - 2014 Experience Personal Statement 2011 - 2014 2000 - 2005 Cambridge Advanced & Proficiency Exam 2005 - 2006 Activities outside work: I am active in the Board of Nedcafe. We organise activities and networking events for (new) Dutch people in Brussels. I am responsible for the website, social media & newsletter + organisation of activities. Other skills: Website content management, fluent in social media Interests/hobbies: Reading (from English detectives to Jane Austen), running, painting, knitting, (classic) music, theatre, friends, cooking,watching Wimbledon and playing field hockey. Addicted to watching TED talks. Languages: Dutch (native), English (proficient/near-native), French (intermediate & learning) As a young professional, I am a proactive problem-solver and team builder. Able to turn creative ideas into tangible results, I'm keen push myself in order to develop myself further and take on bigger challenges. Expertise: high-level event management and organisation BA History with an Minor in Conflict Studies 2006 - 2010 2011 - 2012 Key skills: Web content management, text editing, website development Web Editor @ Utrecht University Key skills: Media monitoring, report writing, desk research, office management and website maintenance Online CV - Education MA International Relations EF Language School, Cambrige College 't Loo, Voorburg Key skills: Client support, strategy development, policy analysis, high-level event management, intern recruitment and management Utrecht University 0032 (0) 475529763 / 0031 (0) 627618032 EU Events Manager Utrecht University Gymnasium (A-levels) 26 November 1987
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