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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Add: 47 Luu Xa Street Thai Nguyen City Thai Nguyen ProvineEmail: (+84) 918.224.214 My name: Long Mai Education Thainguyen University of Agriculture and ForestryMajoring in BiotechnologyDegree: Engineering Biotechnology Vietnam National University of AgricultureMajoring in BiotechnologyDegree: Master of Biotechnology Language Work experience 10/2006 06/2010 10/2012 10/2014 Apprentice at Deparment of Biotechnologi and Breeding - Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute. - Researcher at Research Center for Midland Soils and Fertilizers Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute. - Construction and development of implement plans for Scientific research on land of North Midlands.- Cultivation systems research and develop technical processes reasonable intensive of crops suitable for the North Midlands.- Consult and coordinate with other agencies and organizations scientific research in the domains agricultural for transfer of new technology of Agricultural production.- Cooperation, production and trading all kinds of products for Agricultural production. 10/2009 03/2010 10/2010 Present Apprentice at Deparment of Microbiology Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute. 06/2013 06/2014 - Ability to work well independently or in groups.- Hardworking, Enthusiatically and Responsible in work.- Highly proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Exel, Microsoft PowerPoint..- There are progressive spirit and willing to learn. SKILLS Vietnamese Native language English:B class
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