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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 British and European Quèbec, Ontario, Nova Soctia, New Brunswick Name:When:Who:Where:Why:Interesting: THE FRENCH (1600 - 1760) THE FRENCH (1600 - 1760) Name:When:Who:Where:Why:Interesting: THE ABORIGINAL PEOPLE (20 000-10 000 BCE ) BY ROBIN MANN CULTURAL DISPARITY CULTURAL DISPARITY Name:When:Interesting: THE ABORIGINAL PEOPLE (20 000-10 000 BCE ) hello hello BY ROBIN MANN The Aboriginal People Scientists believe that the first people were originally from Asia. The Aboriginal People have traditional creation stories that were passed down though generations that explainhow the first people got to North America. 20,000- 10,000 BCE Some suggest that the first people migrated across a land bridge from Siberia to Alaska. Consensus estimate that when the first Europeans arrived there were approximately 500,000 Aboriginal People living in Canada at that time. The French The French 1600-1760 The French established a colony called New France Inter-marriage with the Aboriginal population the Mètis culture was born The French came to Canada in hope to find great riches In 1760 New France surrendered to the British, and in 1763 it became a British colony The Great Migration Britain and France had been rivals for many years and war broke out in 1756 The blue represents New France in 1750 THE FRENCH (1600 - 1760) THE GREAT MIGRATION(1815 - 1850) THE GREAT MIGRATION(1815 - 1850) 60% of the immigrants were British. This made British the largest cultural group in Canada Canada's population increased from about 500000 in 1815 to about 3.5 million in 1851 Economic Issues in Britain and unemployment 1815-1850 hello hello hello hello hello hello hello
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