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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 004 CTO and SharePoint What it takes to collaborate remotely in MDLZ ITEM NO. 003 ITEM NO. 005 description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit description here lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,consectetur adipsicsing elit description here description here description here description here description here 13% 44% 32% 19% 7% Benchmark Avg - 36% Results Telepresence/VC/Lync Travel Cost reduction to support ZBB Global MDLZ susceptibility rate 19%. In MDLZ where transformation is happening at such a rapid pace, a recent glimpse of that is the Category Model where all BUs in the region will need to actively collaborate remotely to achieve a particular category goals, the biggest challenge we as an organization have been facing is how we can enable remote collaboration to enhance productivity with utmost safety & security and need an optimized helpdesk to help us when we need them the most and continuously improving our ways of working so as to find various avenues to optimize our cost. Wave 5 - 19% CTO group provided the productivity engine to the Business. The cases clearly empowers people, motivates remote collaboration, at the same helps the organization to save time and money over expensive bridge intercall charges, VC charges , travel costs etc. Business Challenge Solution We knew from the beginning that we needed state-of-the-art technologies at our disposal to achieve this. Global deployment of message based collaboration (SharePoint & My Mix) and real time collaboration of via chat, voice and video, Video Conferencing VMR (Lync) as the fastest and easiest way to communicate with your colleagues without going away from your laptop screen and without dialing the numbers on desk phone, powered by Single Sign-On technology to enter your password once and you would be able to find and collaborate with right people in the organization by these super collaborative technologies. This overall empowers the team spread across the world to talk Business at the same time and share same content like virtually present everywhere. However we also knew that just by deploying Lync, SharePoint and Video Conferencing wont help unless we highlight the advantages of these technologies to our user groups and how to use these in a secure manner so that we dont compromise the security and understand the threats, virus and phishing emails. Numbers reduce on- premise server footprint. $ 600 K Security Email Threats Global Mondelez susceptibility rate Wave 4 - 32% To know more : Visit our Booth & know HOW we did it? My Mix Collaboration Lync VC (VMR) Single Sign On Find right people Find right Content Find right Support Security double click to change this title text!
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