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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How can this be applied? What I learned during theArt Museum Visit My thoughts The picture above is an art piece titled "GoldenRaindrops". It was an interesting piece to me aswhen viewed from different places around the artinstallation, the art piece looked different. This ties in with what Prof Lim taught during the first 3lessons where we shouldn't just look at things one dimensionally but look at the problem fromdifferent angles so that different perspectives on an issue can be formed. This allows us to solveproblems better. When I visited the Singapore Art Museum, I expected to see only paintings on frames. However, the visit showed me that art is more than just paintings and that anything can be used to create art. There weremany interesting pieces that I saw but I shall talk abouttwo pieces that caught my attention the most. Myself: -I should look at issues from different angles to form different perspectives.-Viewing issues from one angle may cause us to miss out on the bigger pictureMy School and Future Workplace:-Just like how bottle caps can be used to create an art piece instead of paint, I can approach problems with an entirely different approach rather than sticking to ideas that I have used before in order to be creative The art piece below shows a portrait of Lee Kuan Yewusing 8000 Johnson and Johnson bottle caps. Some caps were closed and some were opened. The art piece hasto be viewed from a certain angle in order for our former Prime Minister to be seen in his clearest form. Looking atany other angle or position would result in not seeingthe image of Lee Kuan Yew clearly.2 things I learned from viewing this art piece:1. By viewing something from different perspectives and angles, I usually can find the clearest way to view a problem and solve it using my thinking process.2. Creativity does not have to be complex. If an art piece can be made using something as simple as bottle caps, creativity can come from simple ideas as well.
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