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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How can this be applied? My thoughts What I learned during Lesson 3 I learned the various types of thinking processesthat affect our creativity.1. Graham Wallas Model2. Roger Van Oech Phases3. ICEDIP modelI also learned the importance of clear andeffective communication The concepts thought by Prof Lim are very useful asthey help to refine my thinking process. A good thinkingprocess allows me to save a lot of time and not blankout. Splitting the idea into steps breaks down the problem and helps us to look at ideas from a different perspective so that we can solve problemscreatively.I appreciate Prof Lim introducing to us various thinkingprocesses rather than introducing to us a singleprocess only because I realised that there is noone thinking process fits all solution for developinga creative idea. For example, if I use the ICEDIPmodel to help me solve a problem creatively andif this process does not lead to a favorable outcome,I can rely on the other two methods to try and geta better result.Having clear communication is important as wellas it allows creative ideas that I have to be expressed easily to other people, especially to myproject group members and my future colleagues.Creative ideas without the ability to communicate themeffectively would be useless. Myself: -Since I learned that communication are important in school and the workforce, I can improve myself by going for communication courses offered by vendors-Use various thinking processes to solve problemsMy School:-During school projects, always apply different approaches to your thinking process in order to achieve the best possible outcome-Once the creative ideas come out, I would have to carefully convey what I want to say carefully to my friends so that the essence of the idea would not be lost. Effective communication ensures maximum productivity.My Future Workplace:- Before proceeding with my idea, I would reclarify with my colleagues if they understand what I am saying and repeat with more clarity if the don't- Be open to the thinking process of other colleagues and listen attentively to their explanation on why they have that particular thought process. Their thought process may be just as important as the 3 thinking processes Prof Lim thought me during university.
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