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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "How can I do things differently with a better outcome?" My thoughts I learnt that our brain is adaptable and can change.I also learn traits that can bring about creativity, and traits that can block them. I also would like toaddress Prof Lim's question on "How can I do things differently with a better outcome?" later on in this journal entry as well What I learned during Lesson 2 I always thought that creative thinking was a giftthat someone was born with. But after learning thatthe brain is able to change, adapt and is highly plastic,I believe creativity can be developed if we have the right attitude.To me, I believe the most important factor that prevents someone from developing a creative mindsetwould be the fear of failure. The fear of failure prevents us from even trying in the first place,and this hampers our creativityTo overcome this problem, we should develop apositive mindset and have a child like mentalityso that we can form different perspectives.No one should say "I'm not born creative" as our brain is build for change! Once we overcome the fear of failing, I believe we can train the brain to develop creative ideas byusing a few techniques to solve problems. As whatProf Lim taught, to facilitate creativity, we need tohave the ability to make new connections and challenge traditional assumptions. The three techniques that I use to make new connections todevelop and facilitate creativity areAssociation, adaptation and analogy.Association and adaptation:The bringing together of two apparently unconnectedideas, using the same activity to solve a problem ina different field. We then take an existing solution to a problem and adapt it so that it can be used for an entirely different purpose in another field.An example would include Bette Nesmith Graham inventing liquid paper by viewing sign writers paintingover errors and applied it to correcting writing mistakes.Analogy:A principle used in once situation is used for a differentpurpose in another. An example would include George DeMestral inventing velcro by making use of the idea of how hooks on burs clung to loops of his dogs fur so as todisperse from the parent plant.Based on these 3 concepts, I could actually solve problems effectively or help my company increase profits.For instance, using the idea of association and adaptation,just like how airline companies charge higher pricesfor peak periods such as school holidays, I propose tovending machine companies in Singapore to adapt andassociate with what airline companies are doing bycharging higher prices for drinks based on thetemperature of the vending machine's surroundings.The vending machine can program higher prices to becharged to customers on a hot day based on the readingsof its internal thermometer installed in the machine.This creative idea can help these companies earn more!
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