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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Creative Thinking How can this be applied? My thoughts What I learned during Lesson 1 Done by: Andrew Chan (G18) Myself:- Before this lesson, I tended to disrespect many ideas. The first reaction I had of a new idea would be like "Oh its really stupid" or "There are just too many constraints."- By respecting ideas, complex problems can be solved easily by using simple ideas that could be deemed stupid at first-Hence I feel the first step as an individual is to always respect the idea and try to nurture it to become something useful so as to solve problemsand make life easierMy School:-Be open to ideas, especially during group projects.-Take risks and try out new ideas rather than relying on what seniors did before.- I should always challenge assumptions so that my classmates and peers can have a better learning experienceMy Future Workplace:-By respecting ideas, I believe I can be an asset to the company and a good team player for my colleagues.-Contributing creative ideas and affirming ideas of colleagues by using (IACPPR) can boost the company's productivity and profit margins. "All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up" by Pablo PicassoWe develop a creative mindset (IACPPR) by:1. Respecting any idea2. Breaking Assumptions3. Being Curious4. Prototyping5. Persevering6. Taking Risks Based on Picasso's quote, I believe he used childrenrather than adults because children:1. Have the benefit of not knowing what is impossible. Hence their ideas are not constrained by the concepts that they would learn in school in the future.2. They experience much less failure compared to adults which allow them to believe they can succeed3. Children are not afraid of being judged by others and are willing to take risks without the fear of being embarrassed.Regarding the issue on how to develop a creativemindset that involve the 6 steps of (IACPRA), I am guilty of disregarding some of my ideas and those of my friends. I believe this hinders the creativeprocess as the other 5 steps can't be continued.Hence I would need to be more aware of myselfand my surroundings to ensure that I value andtreat all ideas with equal importance.
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