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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 DigitalSignage DigitalSignage Sensors Point ofSale Sensors Sensors can be integrated with digital signage to cue audio or visual contentas shoppers approach the displays atthe gas pumps or in the store.They can also be used as a way for customers to receive coupons andalerts on their mobile devices regardingpromotions on snacks, coffee,and lunchtime combos that areadvertised on the displays. Kiosks Convenience Stores the benefits of Connecting Devices Placing facial recognition sensors or traffic countingsensors on digital signage allows management togain valuable insight on the rate of engagementshoppers have with their digital signage andwhich content attracts the most pleasantresponses. in Sensors Kiosks Add digital signage to kiosks for increasedrevenue through sales of advertisementsand increased awareness of in-storepromotions. Signage can also be addedto food/drink vending kiosks to playcontent for entertainment purposes.This keeps customers happy as theywait for their food or beverage to beprepared by the kiosk. Kiosks Sensors embedded in shelvescan recognize when stock isrunning low and alert staffto re-stock shelves. The POSsystem can even be set up toautomatically order productwhen there are low levels ofinventory. This limits the riskthat a product will be unavailableto be re-stocked on the shelveswhen the sensor alerts thesystem that quantities of aspecific product is dwindlingor diminished. Traffic countingsensors can also sync withthe POS at C-stores tohelp staff efficiently. Connecting kiosks to your point ofsale can provide information forcustomers about a product's price,availability, and any additionalinformation they may require.For managers, the informationcan help to gauge consumer preferenceon products and analyze the use ofself-serve kiosks. This helps managementstock shelves according to consumerpreference, leading to increasedsales and efficient use of labor. Sensors can be used on kiosksto monitor customer usage ofATMs and food/drink preparationmachines.They can also be used onvending fridges that only open uponreceipt of payment andcan detect which productis removed by the customer, reducingtheft and inaccurate inventorylevels. POS TheNetwork Connecting your point of salesystem to the network allowssuppliers and manufacturers toview information on consumer behavior and the store's inventorylevels, which helps create a moreefficient distribution of resourcesand revenue throughout thesupply chain. Connecting kiosks to the Internet allowsshoppers to send receiptsto their email and track their loyalty rewards on coffee, snacks,and other promoted products. TheNetwork For more information on industry trends, technology, and the services that we provide, visit our site at: Or find us on LinkedIn and on Twitter @Worldlinkintegr
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