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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Additional Values Athletes Reflect 64% 15%. 24% RED=Percentage of Adults who don't consider athletes role models for their kids Yellow=Percentage of Adults who support athletes as role models for their kids Light Blue=Adults who are Undecided 2013 Survey: Rasmussen ReportAdults who support & oppose athletes as role models The quote "I wanna be Like Mike" has been used by the youth for several years now. Everyone shouldn't try to be like Mike, instead be the best you. Model the athletic abilities and values athletes reflect in their sport. NO KIDS !!! What about the kids who looked up to Ray Rice? This breaks their heart and confuses them because their role model isn't playing anymore. DERRICK ROSE TORE ACL IN 2012 Model athletes for what they do on the field , not for their overall life, because we don't know what they do off camera. Examples THIS BEHAVIOR SHOULDN'T BE MODELED ! What To Model From Athletes ? Back on the court in 2014 Faith Hardwork Perseverance Values athletes reflect when overcoming obstacles. "Athletes overcome adversity in their lives, when they face physical ailments that could end their career, they often handle the challenge with grace and courage, showing a strong work ethic in battling back”- Pat Lafontaine (Lafontaine, 2005, p.30). 1.These values can be used by people in all professions, not just sports.2.They can inspire kids who are overcoming injuries themselves.3.They can encourage all human beings to persevere and realize they can beat whatever challenges they face in their lives. Benefits Of Modeling The Values Athletes Reflect In Their Sport Teamwork Athletes cant teach them [the youth] right from wrong from the television, all people have is a perception of somebody of in the distance who might be totally distorted -Charles Barkley (Barkley, 2005, p.11). The military sacrifices their lives everyday to protect our country. Sacrifice Many different businesses in corporate America must work as a team in order to be successful. Professional Athletes As Role Models: For what they do in Sports Used In Other Workplaces. Works Cited Reports, R. (2013, August 13). 15% Say Professional Athletes Are Good Role Models for Kids - Rasmussen Reports. Retrieved November 17, 2014, from Citation for the Statistics of the 2013 survey- Accessed through: Like Mike Movie Picture Accessed through: Accessed Through: and I Wanna Be Like Mike Photo Ray Rice Photo Hitting wife Accessed through Accessed through,,, & Photos Of Both Kids Derrick Rose Rehab Photos Accessed through & Basketball pictures of teamwork and sacrifice & Teamwork & Sacrifice used in other workplaces Barkley, C. (2005). I Am Not A Role Model. In G. Griffin (Ed.), Are Athletes Good Role Models? (p. 95). Farmington Hills: Bonnie Szumski. Charles Barkley Quote Lafontaine, P. (2005). Athletes Inspire People To Overcome Obstacles. In G. Griffin (Ed.), Are Athletes Good Role Models? (p. 95). Farmington Hills: Bonnie Szumski. Pat Lafontaine Quote For a short video clip related to this infographic go to-
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