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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the many 3- Submit the collected Outstanding Service cards you received, to your head of function 4- The highest 10% Outstanding- card collectors, will be rewarded with the next star 1- Receive the OutstandingService -Card from your function head every quarter 2- During the quarter,give the Outstanding Service card to the best employee who provided you with the best customer service 1- To join the journey you need to receive the first star lanyard from CLD.2- You need to attend creating CEOs workshop, before you proceed to the next phase of the game.3- There will be outstanding- service card in the game, You can give your outstanding service-card to any co-worker who provide you with the superior customer service within the quarter, if you dont submit it within the quarter, it wont count.4- CLD will send the outstanding service-card to head of functions to be handed to you at the beginning of each quarter.5- During the quarter, select the employee who provided you with the superior customer service, write down his/her name on the card, then hand it down.6- Submit the collected outstanding service-card/s to your functions head. head of function will give to CLD. Head of functions may assign SPOC, single point of contact, if preferred. 7- You cant give the outstanding service-card to anyone from the same function of yours, should be from another department. 8- The highest 10% outstanding service-card collectors from every function in every city, will be rewarded with the a star. With special condition, if there are less than 3 employees from a function (remote areas) these employees will be combined with other cities who have the same condition. ( can we add Example?)9- In case your outstanding service-card get lost or you didnt receive it, CLD is not responsible for replacing it. Terms & Conditions Outstanding Service CardName: MohammedEmployee ID: 123456 Outstanding Service ProviderName:Employee ID: Creating CustomerExperienced Owners ( CEOs) Rewards 200 SAR Mobile Accessories 500 SAR Electronic Store How to start the journey
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