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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 COPYRIGHT REFLECTION is a set of laws that protects the creators of music, images, movies, books and all written works. COPYRIGHT This is important to understand and it means we cannot just copy and use anything we find on the internet or in the library as we wish. Copyright laws even protect what we write and create! Is when you copysomeone elses work or ideas and present it as your own. It is fraud and involves stealing someones work. It is okay to include other peoples ideas as research in your written works if you show that the ideas belong to them and not you, through proper citation. A share space, where creators offer lots of content you can freely use, depending on ways each owner selects to allow it. CREATIVE COMMONS The works, like all works still have a copyright attached to them, but they have made it more friendly for sharing. Great for projects! CITATION Is the way to properly acknowledge and reference your sources of information. It is important to do correctly or you can violate the copyright law. so how do I use a source safely? what if I use these things anyways? PLAGIARISM Your citations will direct a reader to your sources where they can confirm information and there are rules how to cite correctly. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Refers to the creation of the mind. This means someone came up with an invention or design that is the result of their creativity. This matters because people own their ideas and creations, and so do you! This can include their business name, patent, pictures and symbols too. Just like property, it can be sold and transferred. Works such as books or music in the public domain are no longer protected by copyright law, and you have greater access and freedoms to use them. PUBLIC DOMAIN These works are in the public domain because copyright eventually expires so these are generally works from a long time ago, books like Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen. so all ideas andworks have rights? does everythinghave a copyright? what else is safefor a student to use? more info at
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