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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FAIR USE PUBLIC DOMAIN CC lets you share legally, and wascreated in order to balance the reality of the internet and copyright laws.CC works along with copyright and let you modify copyright termsto help you. CREATIVE COMMONS Works in the public domain are thosewhose rights have expired, inapplicable OR forfeited. Which means thereisn't really a copyright law to them anymore. When used for an educational purposes, the copyright ruleschange slightly But that only counts if you are only sampling, or using a little of it. Which means you can't take a persons whole work. Fair use actually lessens a bit of tension between the copyright laws and the First Amendment that guaranteed freedom of expression COPYRIGHT RULES COPYRIGHT RULES Copyright is automatic, and you shouldnot have to see the © to know that the workis copyrighted.Copyright actually only lasts for a limited amountof time. Mostly though, the 'limited' amount of timelasts the entirety of the authors life, plus seventy years after.There is a line between sampling, and stealing. Always know thedifference between just enough and too much.If your project becomes commercial, or even reaches a wideraudience, then your copyright rules change.The internet is not a public domain. Not everything on the internetis free, unless the author has given permission, or it's for school, it's not just up for grabs. SOURCES
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