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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] CONVERGENT AND DIVERGENT EVOLUTION Convergent Evolution means that two organisms that are not closely related will evolve traits that are extremely similar as a result of the same environment. Divergent Evolution is where a species divides during evolution, eventually looking completely separate from the other and completely unrelated. Our Cladogram represents both Convergent and Divergentevolution because some of the animals are extremelysimilar, like the Leopard and House Cat, and some look completely different, like the Turtle and the horse even though they're all related. Morphologically, the animals on here prove that they're Convergent & Divergent because of their similaritiesand their differences. They all sharea backbone, a tail, and four legs, whichprovides the convergence. They have differences, too, like hair, a snout, spots,retractable claws, and the ability to purr.The fossil evidence very obviously shows that a house cat and a leopard share similar form since they're both felines.Geologically, a horse and a wolf can survive in similar environments,whereas the horse and the sea turtle normally cannot. The Similarities are still present in all of these organisms because these features are not technically useless. They all need fourlegs for hunting, running, swimming, walking,etc. The backbone is still evident because itis used to attract mates (horse), to swim(turtle), and to feel around them (house cats). The characteristics that are differentevolved because certain animals onthe branch didn't need it. The turtledoes not need hair because thepressure of water as it swimsgradually was pulled off. It also slowed it down. The wolf has a long snout to smell prey, whichis also why it hasretractable claws (tohunt). The Leopard has spots to help it camouflage itself inits environment. The Cat communicatespain by purring to its owner. If we were to look at these animals skele-tons, it would be hard to tell some of these creatures apart from the others due to extremely similar physiology, for example between the wolf and the horse due to a long snout. The characteristics present inthese organisms areenvironmental (sea turtle, cat)Geographical (the leopard andcat are both felines, one is just domesticated), behavioralbecause a house cat wouldn'tmate with a wolf because it'sseen as its prey, and structuralbecause a horse and a seaturtle couldn't mate due to completely different physiologyor structure.
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