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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Colorectal Cancer DEADLY YET TREATABLE AND PREVENTABLE Treatable OVER A MILLION SURVIVORS! 2014 1 in 20 Diagnosed Second leading cause of death and the third most common disease.Affects major organs in the digestive system. PREVENTABLE AND CAN BE SUCCESSFULLY TREATED WHAT IS COLORECTAL CANCER EXACTLY? FACTS Althought the growth of cells can be haulted, there are side effects to treathment. 1. Fatigue 2.Pain 3. Sore mouth/throat 4. Diarreah/Constipation 5. Low blood count (blood cells in bone marrow are affected) Enduring: Colon Cancer is where cells form in the tissue of the colon cancer rapidly and never stop multiplying Pill for or liquid treatments over a course of three to fourmonths can cost up to $20,000 as where a stay at home chemo episode can cost $26,000 (COST VARIES) Usually this only occurs in people 50 and over, but can be detectedmuch earlier than that, thankfully! If Polyps are detected through a colonoscopy: THEY CAN BE REMOVED BEFORE BECOMING CANCEROUS Surgery: Part of or the entire colon is removed in order to remove the cancer along with areas close to it and lymph nodes. INLCUDING DRUGS: $100,000 OVERALL TO TREAT YOUR BODY Chemotherapy: utalizes chemicals that interfere with DNA making the cells kill themselves and stop dividing!
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