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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 "A war of ideology" 1945-1975 4th century BC 1790 State of permanent hostility between 2 powers which never erupts into an armed confrontation to expand the ideals into other countries. What was the Cold War? -Ideas: American way of life, wealth, democracy and liberty.-Marshall Plan: send aid to Europe so they can rebuilt their continent.-International Organizations: *NATO: military reorganization to built infrastructure to defend from USSR, and create communication networks. *OAS: ensure the peace, consolidate democracy. USA: Capitalism -Ideas: communitarian life, solidarity, order, harmony, equality and justice. -Iron curtain: soviet blockade- West and East Germany.-International Organizations: *Warsaw Pact: collectivization of lands and industries construction planned economic plan. USSR: Communism -Liberation movement -GB vs. France-Great Britain: North Vietnam: communist-France: South Vietnam: capitalist, persecuted Buddhist.-My Lai massacre: US soldiers killing innocent civilians North Vietnam.-Paris: accords peace between NV and SV.-North Vietnam overruns South Vietnam. Vietnam War -Soviets vs. USA-Soviets conquer North Korea: communist, military dictatorship.-USA conquer Japan and South Korea: nationalist-Armistice agreement-> stop fighting Korean War -Cuban Revolution:Ruled by Fidel Castro, supported by USSR, communism.-Failed invasion of USA to Cuba.-Fidel Attacked back defeating USA. Bay of Pigs Carolina Soto Vazquez VIB
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