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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 My Chinese New Year Holiday Transaction Question 3 Question 4 Q:What is your financial position on March.1st, 2015? Q: Did you spend too much or too few during the holiday? Question 2 Question 1 Q: Are your satisfied with your financial position? Why or why not? Larry HAPPY NEW YEAR! Q: What are your assets, liabilities and equity? Use a graph to show. A: The graph is shown below. Besides, I have no liabilities , so my equity is same as my assets. A: My assets are a watch, a shirt, a hoodie, a pair of shoes, a bag, some stationeries, a set of The Maze Runner, a phone shell,a pair of earphones, a PS4, 200 in my phone account and 6200 cash as pocket money. My equity is same as my assets, and I have no liability. A: During the holiday I got 6200 cash, and I spent 2549 cash. But I really got lots of things as my assets from my relatives. So that caused my transaction more complicated. But as for my self, I think the money I spent for holiday was OK. Because I got things I wanted, and at the same time I saved over 3000 in my bank account. A: I am satisfied with my financial position. Because I got huge amount of pocket money and saved 3651, and I got lots of things I wanted to buy. What's more, my parents, my uncle and aunt bought me some gifts I liked very much. We can see the importance of the spring festival. Because I have no liabilities, my equity is same as my assets. And that makes my life much easier.
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